4 Nov 2007

Hamlet Monologue - Celebrities

Peaches Geldof. I tried to replicate the style of the "fashionable" t-shirts alot of celebrities where wearing in the summer. These t-shirts had slogans like Frankie says relax or Drop Beats not Bombs. I decided to only use the first two lines of Hamlet's soliloquy because Peaches Geldof would not care about the rest of the text instead would concentrate on the most recognisable part. I believe it is a successful pastiche of the t-shirts.

Gordon Brown. The concept for this, was to show how controlled and watched the Prime Minister is, I tried to show this by forcing the copy to be controlled where it was one the page. I like the idea but I do not think it comes across in my design.

Brangelina. I tried to show how even though we are constantly being told what is happening in their lives, we still only get half the story and always will. I tried to replicate window blinds covering the copy.

Amy Winehouse. I felt that newspapers are always trying to tell us what they think is going on in Amy Winehouse's life but infact no one really knows, I tried to represent this by layering the text so you cant read the complete monologue underneath.

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